Talakadu Jaladhama – the backwaters of Karnataka

Post LB/03 we intend to spend 5th and 6th December at Talakadu Jaladhama About 125 KMS from Bangalore, this seems like a perfect place to unwind and relax.

Two of our friends are also accompanying us, so we look forward to a lot of fun . If anyone wants to join us, just make booking at their bangalore office, but be warned, by the looks of it, the place is ideally suited for couples not stags 😉

4 thoughts on “Talakadu Jaladhama – the backwaters of Karnataka”

  1. Talakadu Jaladhama – the backwaters of Karnataka- Unsatisfied Customer

    We couples had been to day outing and is too expensive. People over there are uncultured.

    There are lot of places apart form Jaladhama for relaxing instead of visiting the uncultured and expensive place.

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