7 thoughts on “Saree is the sexiest of all Indian garments.”

  1. As I am struggling to convince my family on inter-religion marriage, I suddenly remembered you. Talk about being selfish. 🙂 I have not been updating my LJ much these days, but I still catch up on friends’ posts. Good luck with the getting-fit-for-the-sexiest-garment plan.

    1. Hi,
      I have been wanting to write to you since quiet some time…

      About your marriage plans, all I want to say is keep faith in yourselves, let your parents know that you are capable of getting married even if they do not consent (this does not mean that you will run away or do anything rash -just tell that such and such date, we are giving a court notice and thenwe would like to have your blessings for marriage).

      Parents, being themselves, do not agree till the last moment- I got married on 11th of May and till 8th of May my parents thot that they can postpone the thing. Huge amounts of emotional blackmail… But what to do, you got to do what you got to do 🙂 and finally after we got married to each other, all the things of past seemed as if they never existed.

      Today, I am the best bahu and Tarique is the best Damad.

      1. thanks

        Thanks Swati! I do not know what made me leave that comment on your LJ. It was completely irrelevant to the post. I guess I was searching for empathy…I cannot express in words how much your words helped. I am trying to gather all my energy and stay afloat. Thanks a ton.

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