Cricket and war

Australian innings were too good to hold my breath any longer.. They gave us a target that looks impossible to achieve… so once again it seems our players will return empty handed.

Cricket did manage to shift our attentions from the news channels though. But (wonder who it is) is giving a pretty accurate and seemingly first hand account of the war.

4 thoughts on “Cricket and war”

  1. India pretty much blew it within the first 15 overs. But it was pretty obvious that they didn’t deserve to win after the way they bowled and fielded.

  2. Whenever we are in difficulties everyone turns towards Tendulkar and he has always let us down. He has not been a match winning player for us when it mattered. I still maintain that Steve Waugh deserves the mantle of best player in the world. He has single handedly won matches for his team a lot of times. He is truly a match winning captain.

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