Leafing through the pages of my past, I came across some verses we wrote to one another. The long distance romance those days had its own charm, there was no internet, no mobile phones and the salaries we earned spared us only a couple of hundred rupees to be spent on STD to talk twice a week to each other (we were also trying to have a decent bank balance to spend on our wedding).

That only left us with one option – write to each other daily. We would pour our hearts out on thin white, pink and blue sheets of paper which are still lying in the first drawer of our cupboard.

Some day, when we are gone, perhaps our son will find them and read it fondly.

14 thoughts on “Reminisces”

  1. Nice.

    Letters do have a great deal of charm. Still have a notebook and a huge bundle of letters from a time and love that is not there anymore. But they are still wonderful too, to look at, if not for anything else the corny mush that most of it is full of 😉

    But, the max amount of fun came from the time the heart skips a beat when the article in question is sighted in the mailbox 🙂

    1. But, the max amount of fun came from the time the heart skips a beat when the article in question is sighted in the mailbox 🙂

      So very true – I use to, before anything else, look at the table where letters were kept when I returned home from the hospital…

        1. Minimum once a day – usually double sided A4s filled with happenings of the day. He use to dabble in Share market those days and I was in financial advertising – so there was much to communicate 🙂

          1. Am sure it was not just the trade that filled the sheets 😉

            The million dollar pic: The grin on the postman’s face as he delievered them A4s.

            Wot in good lord’s name is financial advertising? Heard of pitches, handling accounts and client servicing. This is a new one though. Pardonne moi ignorance tho 🙂

            1. Financial Advertising was the term coined for a once thriving business of managing publicity, conferences and media ads for public issues of various companies. We are talking of the Harshad Mehta days… ….

  2. I have a file full of letters… chronologically arranged.

    But that was before email and chat. I haven’t written a letter in ages. Now I have yahoo messenger archives and .pst files… and no hard copy.

    The relationships are still real, but the conversations are now ephemereal, fleeting, … and different. Emails are short terse and full of atrocious grammar. The charm has gone.

    1. The charm has gone.

      So true, and there is no way to send rose petals and mogra flowers in emails and have the other touch them knowing that they were once touched by her lover

      1. … and the thrill of seeing your name in her handwriting … lovingly written, and sealed with a kiss?

        *sigh* here i am reminiscing about the “good old days” long before I complete my third decade.

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