6 thoughts on “Gardner ran away”

  1. He probably thinks its your birthday baksheesh. This is something that keeps happening to my father. Glad to know there are other suckers to keep him company. What happened to “not trusting initially…..etc etc”?

    Oops. I did it again. BELATED BIRTHDAY GREETINGS.
    I wanted to send you a car. I did.
    But I didnt know how to download the damn picture. 🙂
    Hope your Birthday was happy. What did Aasim give you?

    1. What happened to “not trusting initially…..etc etc”?

      I suspected he’d run away with the money – i did not trust him, but still took risk.. lessons to learn for next time

      Thanks for the wishes.. . a car would have been such a lovely present 😉 mine is barely surviving. Aasim gave a hug and a kiss and told his father that the CD he gave me was actually his present to his mother

  2. No matching matching….

    I keep looking at ur Current Mood and then at your Userpic… nopes..no match. I just can’t picture you *pissed* with “THAT” look! :D… You seriously need to get a more angry Userpic for defaulting gardeners/cooks/mere mortals around! 😛

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