Trust or no trust


Its not only makes business sense to start a relationship basing on the premise of *not* trusting an individual – it also makes a lot of sense in social relationships.

Not trusting to me is an act of self preservation. For me, in any In a transaction or a relationship, I have to know where I stand. I also need to know where to place my stop loss and when to increase it or let it go – For this I need to start with a -ve balance of trust and let it grow.. if it crosses the line and starts creeping towards the +ive, I know I can invest more.

This has always been my basis of any transaction and I feel it will be true for most people who value themselves and till date most of the relationship that matter to me have a positive balance.

3 thoughts on “Trust or no trust”

  1. I think there is a contradiction. Consider a scenario.

    You meet a person. You start of the relationship not trusting the other person. Sometime later, you realise that he actually is the son of your aunty (insert any other relation/close friend) whom you never met.. you immidiately think, hes a “good” guy and you can trust him. Just because he is son/daughter/aquainted to someone you know. But everyone is someone elses son or daughter. So where do you draw the line?

    1. NO, no contradiction – Guess everyone does what I do but few realise/admit it. Will you invest your emotions or money is a compelte stranger (related or unrelated to you)? Money is still OK but emotions? Will you bare your soul to someone you dont know?

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