Power walking into shape

This is what I found out today:

Optimal heart rate for maximum calorie burning

220 – (your age) *.70 = your heart rate which should be maintained for maximum calorie burning while you exercise.

Talking your heart rate above the optimum will burn glucose (will keep heart fit but wont burn fat) and keeping it below.. well the less said the better 🙂

I realised over past one month, I changed my walking path and instead of loosing weight I ended up gaining a KG. Reason – the new walking route had more traffic and I had to walk slower but longer… Then to make up for that I jogged in the ground – that burnt the glucose – my stamina increased but fat.. fat did not go away – perhaps some more of it got accumulated thanks to my allergies (that made me eat more to feel better) and the wedding I attended followed by Id.

So from today onwards, I am on to a new exercise regime.. Will see the changes and record it in this journal after a month.

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  1. I follow the yoga method for losing weight. Something I read long back and stayed with me. Dont eat seconds. Once you know your regular meal size, simply reduce a fistfull everyday. Your stomach cant tell the difference and will adjust slowly to the lower intake. I have been very successful with this method and lost my pregnancy fat this way. Of course, getting rid of the paunch is another business altogether.

    1. Of course, getting rid of the paunch is another business altogether.

      Heh!! what do you think i have been trying to do for the past two years… i lost 11 kgs of post childbirth flab fast, its the last two kgs all of which is on my tumtum that refuses to leave me… VLCC helped me reduce 10cms over the stomach.. basically by strengtheing the stomach muscles thru massages… but that’s that… This time I want to JUST GET RID of all the extra flab that is hanging like a parasite onto me…

      1. ….all of which is on my tumtum….

        For that you need stomach crunches and bending exercises. Something I never seem to be able to find time for. I am however comtemplating joining a dance class. That way I can enjoy myself while I lose weight.

        1. I use to (and still can do) 60 stomach crunches a day without any results….

          Aerobics helped me loose the initial 11kgs..

          The only thing that worked best and looks like it will still give results is speed walking for 7 kms everyday and stationery bike at 13kms/hour for 25 mins every day.

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