Another one of those!!

Aasim was discussing girls with his father on the dinner table today -arguing that one need not have girlfriends

The father comes up with “Abe girls bohut kaam ki cheez hoti hain” leaving him all confused and perplexed.

I am blogging this so that he reads and understands some day 😉

4 thoughts on “Another one of those!!”

  1. Heh! This reminds me a bit from The Simpsons that goes something like so:

    Homer: Make a big fuss over how Lisa looks
    Bart: She’ll see through me like Grandma’s underpants!
    Homer: When it comes to compliments, [making fierce gestures]
    women are ravenous blood-sucking monsters always want’n more…
    ! And if you give it to them, you’ll get
    plenty back in return.
    Bart: Like what?
    Homer: I’ll tell you when you’re older.

    [Homer dreams of lounging in a hammock while Marge mows the lawn]

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