January 1, 2005

Whats new about the new year? The first hour? The day? the month? or the entire year?

I got up today with a feeling of “impending doom”, perhaps as a result of the events of past few days.

Looking behind, I realise I cooked better this year – good enough to document so thats on personal growth front 😉

Restarted sitar lessons and having an ustad for a teacher makes all the difference in the learning – I feel more confident of playing now than I ever did. My teacher, Ustad Nasir Khan, is a renowned sitar player himself and comes from a family renowned of musicians -his father, Ustad Hamid Khan was a well known Sarangi player. He teaches me not just how to play Sitar but also the finer nuances of music and sitar itself.

The house is getting painted, garden floor renewed and we have a new studio. All this renovation work should be over in another week’s time.

While the painters had taken over the house yesterday, I was outside on the road and at a distance saw some girls playing gulli cricket. Now, watching boys playing gulli cricket is very common but girls? It turns out that all the girls were friends of one of our neighbours and are CA students. These 19-20 year olds were not at all shy playing cricket in full view of the colony and happily posed as I clicked some snaps

The same evening I passed one of the busy streets of town and saw a crowd of engineering college kids quietly urging denizens of nagpur to shun from celebrating loudly while a reasonably large part the world of the world witnessed a such a huge tragedy less than a week back. I am sure such demonstrations happened in other parts of country and world as well.

While most people call today’s youngsters irresponsible and impulsive, it made me proud to see the these engineering college kids showing sensitivity and empathy to the pain of people they have never met.