Kitten Diaries Part -3 -The playful kittens

This kitten diaries update almost did not make it. For several days the kittens were not to be seen. Billu had kept them well hidden and did not even allow me near them. After about a week of no signs of kittens being around, we gave up and thought that they succumbed to nature’s ills. Then suddenly one day Billu led me to the outhouse again and there I met Mishti on the first day, Wookie on the second day and Missy on the third. Billu shows all signs of being a good cat mother, and I am so proud.

The kittens turned 7 week old last Saturday and they are all over the garden now, even when the temperatures rise to 47°C they find places to hide and stay cool. They have started drinking milk that I give Billu and they even eat her food. I give her an egg scrambled along with a bread or a left over roti, with a lot of ghee.
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Kitten Diaries Part -2 Mishti, Missy and Wookie

Kittens around the house keep you busy. The mother needs to be fed, the kittens need to be weighed and you just can’t keep yourself from clicking pictures. It was Day 4 and all the kittens wanted to do was sleep.

Kitten Diaries Day 4
Kitten Diaries Day 4. All they do is sleep.

The kittens sleep most of the time and are extremely dependent on their mother to protect, feed, clean and help them excrete waste. They do start being vocal though. The mother tries to keep their mews to a minimum so that they do not attract attention.

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Kitten Diaries Part 1 – Billu and her mewlings

Bilaoo or Billu for short is my cat who turned one this April. She had adopted me as her human on a rainy evening in July 2014 and has been with me ever since.

Billu the mother cat when she was a kitten (12 weeks old)

A few months back we noticed that she is pregnant. I was not sure if she would carry the pregnancy through as she herself was very young. But she did, and gave birth to three kittens on Saturday, 11th April at about 8.45 PM. It was a cool windy evening and she has been after me to follow her everywhere. She took me around the house and finally after an hour settled in front of my car in a cardboard box which was too small for her. I quickly arranged for a bigger cardboard box and lined it with some newspapers and some soft cloth.

She inspected the box and was in and out of it, certainly in pain and unable to sit at a place she was very restless. Her contractions which were an hour apart early evening, now became frequent and she would get very little rest between them.  She did not allow me to go out of her sight and I kept petting her and reassuring her.

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