फिर चाख गिरेबाँ होने लगा
और मौत का सामाँ होने लगा

कुछ अश्क थमे थे ए हमदम
फिर दीदा-ए-गिरियाँ होने लगा

फिर साज़े आहे शबीना पर
हाथ अपना रक्सां होने लगा

गुलज़रे लाला-ए-दिल पर अब
लय दर्द-ए-बहाराँ होने लगा

अब लज़्जते ग़म पर ए ‘ज़ारी’
दिल अपना नाज़ाँ होने लगा

— ज़रीना सानी

चाख गिरेबाँ – खुला हुआ सीना
दीदा-ए-गिरियाँ – आँखों से टपकते आँसूं
शबीना- अंधकार
लाला-ए-दिल – दिल की लाली
नाज़ाँ – अभिमान युक्त

Dr. Zarina Sani wrote this Ghazal on 13th June 1963.

4 thoughts on “ग़ज़ल”

    1. Works fine in Firefox, Runa. What browser are you using. The mac Hindi keyboard layout has two “अ” one on Option+A and one on W. I use the one on W with an ा ki matra for “अा”
      Perhaps if I used option+A with ा which also prints “अा” it would look fine.

  1. Doesn’t work on Firefox. I copied the text from here and checked it on a text editor as well. I am not familiar with the MAC keyboards, but whatever you are using is writing out two codes (one for अ and one for ा) and displaying them that way. आ has its individual code point and should not be made up with the ones for अ and ा. Try copying the आ from this comment and see how it looks like.

  2. Thanks for your inputs Runa. I realized that while the rendering is proper in newer firefox and on Mac as well as Ubuntu, it is not proper on older FF; and yes, using आ instead अ + ा of is correct way to write. Will correct in older entries.

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