Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-08-09

  • Nightmares have become such a routine.. Perhaps I should start enjoying them like one enjoys scary movies #dreams #nightmares #
  • I am at #nagpur #php #meetup and almost everyone present is also on twitter. Time to have nagpur #tweetup too. #
  • @terra_1998 hi aru, enjoying twitterland? in reply to terra_1998 #
  • @qtfan @harishkotian @runa_b @fox2mike @indradg @achitnis @mona1610 @nadeemsani @sunshin3girl and everyone who congratulated. Thank you 🙂 in reply to qtfan #
  • @PritishNandy ofcourse not. Joba Moitra, a friend of mine who worked with you (long ago) always said Mr. Nandy can never get old 🙂 in reply to PritishNandy #
  • A kiss is just a kiss, A sigh is just a sigh, The fundamental things apply, As time goes by…. #
  • Looking for a venue to hold regular #php meetups in #nagpur. 100% non commercial but will pay reasonable rent for 3 hours every 2nd Saturday #
  • RT @ouchmytoe: RT @vimoh: Aliens have come to destroy Earth. Only classical dance will appease them. So begins — 3001 :: A Space Orissi. #
  • @dalfry all the best to you and Pooja. Sabar ka fal meetha hota hai…. My sis delivered today after 36 hrs of waiting. in reply to dalfry #
  • – Sister delivered a baby boy. Both mother hale and hearty. #
  • calls New Delhi as invalid city #fail #
  • My sister is in the hospital to deliver her first child – I am excited!! #

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