TaZa TaZa

After searching for days I finally found a radio station on the net which plays the music I like. So, sitting here in central India I listen to music broadcasted by a US based Internet radio station – TaZa radio

What impressed me most is the support they offer – As usual I was about to give up muttering “bah yet another site for IE and Windows users” but decided to let the site owners know of existence of users like me who use Fedora Core1 , Mozilla and RealOne player. What I did not know was that I will end up being so impressed to make a complete entry on LJ about it. Ram Bapu the COO responded to my mail promptly and gave me a link that enabled me to listen to the Radio on RealOne player directly. What more, I discovered I can listen to radio using my XMMS too using this link – http://ba.tazaradio.com:3690/listen.pls by changing ‘ba’ to ‘east’ or ‘central’ or ‘mountain’ or ‘la’ I can listen to the other stations of TaZa Radio – and here I am *completely* addicted!!!

I am yet to find out as to why I cant get the link working through Mozilla.

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