2004 (-)1968

Big bunch of thanks to Jessie, Atul, Khader, Shradha, Jace, Noella, Mannu, Balaji, Mona, Ashwin, for wishing me.

Thanks Kaja for the lovely Card.

I celebrated it by sleeping in the afternoon instead of working (and you who is going to crack a wise one, beware, you are much older and already having “typical” old age problems of not getting the figures right 😛 )

Got several cards from Tarique and a set of Gold danglers. Aasim gave me a lovely card and I bought myself a white cheese cotton dress. Chiya gave something for the dining table and mom is yet to come… so I have more surprises coming in

Painting work in the office is starting tomorrow – I hope I don’t get another asthma bout.

14 thoughts on “2004 (-)1968”

    1. Re: Happy Birthday

      Thanks. Freak out is only on Sundays, so I am saving all my energy for holi and sunday 😀

      And we will have a party when you and Noella visit us, so start planning.

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