“I weaved it all in my poetry, everything you ever spoke to me”

Hamne sab Sher mein sawanre thae
hamse jitne sukhan tumhare thae

Rangon khushboo kae husno khoobi kae
Tum se thae jitne istiyare thae

Tere kaulo karar se pehle
Apne kuch aur bhee sahare thae

Mere daaman mein aa gire saare
Jitne dashte falak mein taare thae

Translating beautiful poetry penned by Faiz Ahmed Faiz is just not possible, specially if you wish to bring out the meaning in the translation as beautifully as the poet has.
All I can do is sit and listen to it again and again. Sung beautifully by Abida Parveen, the CD comes with a small booklet with biographies of poet and singer along with lyrics and meanings of difficult words.

2 thoughts on ““I weaved it all in my poetry, everything you ever spoke to me””

  1. hi can you please translate the difficult words,or can you just explain the poem, i have tried all over the internet for this poems translation, sadly no where to find 🙁 i am not a native urdu speaker ,if you get time please send me the translation/explanation/meaning/idea anything will do! god bless my email is suhailmkoya@yahoo.co.uk

    1. I weaved every thing in my poetry whatever you spoke to me.There were colours, fragrance and every thing was beautiful ,you were the reason behind every thing.before falling for you i had someother assists.every blessing was showered upon me.those shadows shivering besides the lamps are in pain or they are the core of setting

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