Kids talk – this generation

Before we left for our walk we had a small conversation:
Me: Aasim Shut the windows
Aasim: Windows is Shut
Me: NO, windows are not shut, Please shut the windows before we leave
Aasim (a bit emphatically): Windows is shut, I even switched off the monitor.

And i wanted him to shut the windows in his room….

8 thoughts on “Kids talk – this generation”

    1. I wont be surprised if he says it in a month – This machine of his (own) is less than a fortnight and he insisted on a dual booting box. Attending Linux events since his third birthday he now knows Linux for some unknown reason is better 🙂 and he is pretty comfortable on my X -playing tux racer, chromium and Xine (for his VCDs)

  1. First Timer

    Hi! Your user pic caught my attention on cygnus’ journal. Beautiful snap. You have a neat journal. Like your style of writing small, interesting posts. Will come back for more.

  2. heh.. i’m sure that’s ALL that he thinks of these days! It’s good you mentioned the Linux preference…This conversation sounds more like a young Bill Gates in the making! *scary*

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