North Indian weddings (Chintu -sonal)

North Indian weddings are fun but are very tiresome for the bridal couple. I was talking to one of my sis-in-laws who got married an year and a half back about some ritual (as to she must be remembering it how/why its done) and she replied, i dunno, i was too tired and sleepy so I just did what i was told 🙂

My cousin who got married breathed a sigh of relief yesterday morning and finally said to me at 5 AM. Didi, give me something to eat I am hungry like hell and i cant sleep – he was supposed to be sleeping with his wife, the wife slept thru the two hours they had together 😀

Came back today, tired and then got more tired roasting Liver over coal – this year I took over what Tarique use to do every Bakr Id- he has a sore throat and fever.

My allergies are in control -touch wood – and I am breathing through my nose without the nasal drops for past 36 hours boy! that feels good!!

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