10 thoughts on “LOL moment”

  1. Hellooooo!
    What happened to the sanctity of relationship b/w H&W? Huh? And we have a kid commenting on it? Whassup? Hamare sanskaar iske izaazat nahin deti. Hey Ram!

  2. Heck! And here I was thinking Tarique is such a polite man. You dont invite comment by being rude. Simply forgot to sign my name and had to exit the net in a hurry.

    Now you can keep guessing.

    Current mood : Very disappointed.

    1. My parents advocated be nice and kind to strangers – We as parents are forced to advocate dont encourage strangers at all – Sharafat ka zamana hi nahi raha ab!!

      And now that I know who you are – Sorry!

      Keep guessing how

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