Food for coding

Whoa!! finally got some time to update the journal.

What seemed the toughest job after we arrived here was easy – to find Vegetarian Indian food for our programmers – I had googled before arriving at bangkok and shortlisted some indian restaurants what I wasn’t sure was how far they are from the office. So after reaching here with the help of people here, I reached Sukhumvit and located Komala – The best part is they serve Vegetarian Indian cuisine and even home deliver for free for an area of 20kms. For us they are charging more – but things seem to be finally settled now.

A super market nearby for milk and breakfast items, Lunch Dinner taken care of, I expect everyone to work at full force and finish the project successfully.

Aasim was ill when we started from Nagpur – he seems to be ok now. He is freaking out on the variety of meat available – refuses to eat bread or rice.. He is also loving the play area at various shopping malls and McDonald’s.

I shopped a little yesterday and today Shampoos, Clothes, Cosmetics all good quality and nearly 50% cheaper than what we get in India… I intend to shop to my hearts content which is a tough job 😉

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