Of sitting at one place and writing

I sometimes think of discontinuing writing in this journal. Throughout the day, I am running around the office and home organising things, talking to people, attending to guests, looking after the interests of the office, watching over Aasim, feeding him and his father, going here, doing this, looking at that… I just can not sit at one place for long enough to write sensible entries.
I reminiscence those carefree days when I had few friends to talk to and all my emotions and feelings I would pour in my diary in the form of poetry. I found that diary today buried deep inside my cupboard.
Even when I worked 14 hours a day for Pressman, I had more time at hand. This poem was written on one of those evenings when I was looking at the sun setting in the horizon from the window of my cabin on the 14th floor of my office building. The love of my life was hundreds of miles away and I longed to touch him, hear him, see him…

near the window
whenever i peep out
and look at the tide
receding and
the waves far away
kissing the shore softly
I recall
our evenings on the beach side
when we walked
hand in hand
looking for the
barnacle colonies
over the rocks
searching for the colourful tiny crabs
leaving behind
our footsteps
in the freshly washed sand
The sun,
unleashing its
evening colours
splashing it across the sky
into our hearts

(Written: Feb 12, 1993)

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