Learning to lose

Yesterday Aasim participated in his first skating competition. Its been just about a month since he started learning. He did not secure a position but completed the race -fell a couple of times, but did not give up.
He cried and was very very upset on not winning the race but got over his disappointment very bravely when we explained that he has to work harder to excel and win – It startles us with the kind of maturity he shows up at times and the way he copes up with disappointments.

2 thoughts on “Learning to lose”

  1. Yeah!! we were apprehensive that he will not persue the training camp at all because this is one of the first things which he has tried and not done well in the first go… BUT then he has proved that if he likes a thing he is willing to persevere.

    The best was his last sentence before we came back from the venue “competition ki aisi ki taisi – agli bar dekh loonga” (To heck with the competition – will match them next time)

    He is just 4 and a half.

    I guess the key was in letting him know that his parents still love him just the same and are also sad just like him but it is not the end of the world.

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