Alright! I am down to 56.8 kgs

OK. Yesterday i felt it was darkness all around, today i see the bright rays of sun in the horizon.

To begin with my day started with an accomplishment – my weight barrier of 57 has been broken. I now weigh 56.800 kgs 🙂

On the work front, I felt cheated yesterday after Neha left us for another job -she was with us for two months during which we trained her in PHP… .. Today I went and met at the NIIT folks who had referred her and they say it wasn’t her descision to leave SANIsoft, it was sombody else who decieded for her.. IAC, i dont want people who cant take their own descisons working for SANIsoft.

Another good news is that we can now keep trainees from NIIT SANIsoft will act as mentors for students who want to be professional PHP programmers – Mentors are required under the GNIIT program of NIIT.

Aptech too showed interest in sending us their students.. so things are not so bad afterall..

House being painted.. my allergies are bad.. taking precautionary medicines that make me drowsy..

Mom is going to Delhi and may not return before we leave for Vizag.. bad….

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