One quiz at the end of the day

Which OS are You?
Which OS are You?

Now I only have one grouse with the maker of this quiz, he did not anticipate women taking it
How does he presume I will not look perfect by just brushing and bathing (unlike what an unshaven men will do if he just brushes and bathes)

The days are extremely hectic – have been shopping for cousins wedding, got four dresses instead of the original two planned (and the budget overshot twofolds). Mom gave me a thick Payal and a silver bracelet to go with the silver grey dress which I intend to wear on the engagement day.

Cook has not turned up since Sunday and I have been making atleast one meal a day also giving aasim an additonal one hour. That leaves me tired and with no time to do the less important things in the priority list… Hope things get back to normal soon – Only if the cook turns up tomorrow, things will fall in place.

Gosh! how dependent we get on helpers 🙁

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