One hr to install linux, 12 to install windows.

A lot of things happened since i last updated my journal. Most important being I got in touch with an old friend (my uncle actually who was one of my closest friends when I was growing up) after almost 10 years!! Love you Ashu mama hope to meet soon.

My home machine got its due finally -Thanks to an hour of linux install and 12 hours of windows install on the other partition and VM ware (Tarique was tearing his hair by the end of it) The machine now is dual booting with VM ware and Cross Over Office up and running. Finally the Linux desktop is usable I can depend on it to run my must use M$ products (thats the funniest part CXO calls it fake_windows 🙂 so its good bye M$ Windows for good.
The question some of you may ask is then why the windows partition at all (Like Atul asked me the other day – why bother?) – well, bother I have to because Aasim plays his CD’s on the same machine and Reader Rabbit Series and Jump Start Series dont run on Linux

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