Creative writing by Aasim

Here’s what he wrote yesterday

“My tooth is breaking. It pains very much when your tooth breaks. Its like being pregnant for a few days.
Till now eight teeth of mine have broken. The first two were taken out by the dentist The dentist recommends you to have ice cream after he or she has a tooth taken out”

Grammar, parts of speech

Aasim – “Mamma, what happened after the Wright brothers took their first flight?”
I – “They became immortal”
Aasim -“ who was the second one fly the plane?”
I – “Aasim, no one remember’s the second person who did anything, its always the first one that the world remembers”
Aasim (with a very straight face, emphatically) – “The third person is always remembered.”
I – “huh?”
Aasim -“ I was talking grammar!!”

White Zorro

Yesterday night Aasim got very bored, we were watching some movie on TV and he was playing in his room.

After a while he comes to our bedroom galloping a white paper mask covering his eyes, a white scarf on his head, white gloves in hand and announces, “here comes the white Zorro!”


A few days back, while returning from school, Aasim told me there was a selection for school Choir that morning- I asked him weather he got selected to which he replied in negative and said “I did not want to get selected so I sang without rhythm without tune -like reciting a poem” -the song he was asked to sing was “Do, Re, Mi…..” the teacher who took the audition was one of his (girl)friend’s mother who knows Aasim can sing if/when he wants to but this boy refused to perform!!!

In another news, there was a Lego building competition on 5th November organised by Pyramid Mega stores -the results were announced yesterday and he was adjudged as second runner up in 8-12 age group for making a space shuttle which has landed on a space station with green ground -he qualified for the age group on that very day -on 5th November he turned 8.

Aasim’s poem on planets

Aasim’s Summer Holidays started from yesterday and as expected, the first day of staying home he got throughly bored -here’s a creative result of his boredom- he told me to write down (as he can’t write himself) a poem he made on planets

Mercury is the hottest planet
Venus is molten and very hot too
Earth is the third and we just live there
Mars has storms and no body can live there
Jupiter is medium temperature
Saturn is very little far from the sun
Uranus is cold planet and so is Neptune
Pluto is coldest planet and nobody can live there because they will freeze
Sedna is a very small planet
and Quaoar is a planetoid

P.S Aasim is 6.5 yrs old .

Your children are not your children. They are the sons and daughters of Life’s longing for itself – Khalil Gibran

A while ago, I was watching news on TV with Aasim

Aasim: Mom, when will the war get over?
Me: I dont know, Son.
Aasim: I know, it will get over when the US gets defeated
Me: The US might not get defeated, Son.
Aasim: Why?
Me: Because their army is big
Aasim: Then why doesnt India help Iraq? – If US wins the war on Iraq it will take all the petrol there and then come to India and attack us.

This is what a child of 5 thinks. Aasim is very aware of things happening around the world and I am sure, so are other 5 year olds today.. …