My top 10 Indian vegetarian recipes

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My top 10 Indian Vegeterian recipes

India perhaps has the most variety when it comes to vegetarian food. While people who are vegetarian love these the non vegetarian lovers also can not keep away from these yummy dishes. So check these out and let me know which ones of these are your favourites. Click on the name of the dish, or the picture for the complete recipe.


Bread Rolls made in Airfryer – Low oil breakfast

Crunchy from outside and oh so soft and delicious potato filling with every bite, this is an ideal dish to make for your child for his school lunch or eat them yourself for breakfast.

Bread Rolls in Airfryer

Bread Rolls in Airfryer

Matar ki Kachori – an irresistible snack

Fresh, hot fragrant Matar ki Kachori, flaky and crisp is one of the best snacks to have with masala chai as brunch on weekends

Matar ki kachori

Bhaji Wada – A North Indian delicacy

Bhaji Vada is a common snack in northern India but every family makes it a little different. Made from Chana dal and chaulai bhaji it is extremely tasty, and quick snack. Though this dish tastes best with chauliai bhaji, you can substitute the greens with any green of your choice or make with coriander if you have no other greens readily available.

Bhaji Vada

Bhaji Vada

Main Course

Dahi ke Aloo – For days when you are short on time

Potatoes are not an Indian vegetable but today, it’s impossible to imaging Indian cuisine without the goodness of this starchy carbohydrate tuberous vegetable. Dahi ke aloo is a  potato gravy with fresh herbs and mild spices has the goodness of potatoes and is one of the easiest to prepare.

Dahi wale aloo

Dahi wale aloo

Punjabi Chhole – Everyone’s go-to dish

There are several recipes for making chhole, this one originates from the land of five rivers, Punjab. Also called as chana masala, this recipe uses dried amla (or a tea bag) in the recipe, dried anardana, and fresh herbs and spices that give it a delightfully fresh flavour, and texture.

Punjabi chhole - Chana Masala

Punjabi chhole – Chana Masala

Katahal ka dopiaza – A popular party main course

The meaty texture of jackfruit infused with the masalas makes it a perfect dish for parties, special occasions, and weekend meals.

Katahal ka dopyaza

Katahal ka dopyaza

Nawabi Vegetable Pulao  Quick to cook and full of flavours

The vegetable pulao is a flavourful medley of assorted vegetables, aromatic herbs, mild spices and rice cooked together. Legend has it that some nawabs of Awadh preferred the dry fruits laden version of pulao with melt in mouth mutton pieces to Biryani simply because the layers of flavors that this dish has.

Vegetable Pulao

Vegetable Pulao


Besan Laddoo– Sweet childhood memories

The melt in mouth besan (gram flour) softened with pure ghee with a crunch of kaju in one off bite. Made lovingly by mothers and grandmothers during the days leading to Diwali this laddoo make the school going children’s vacation even more fun.

Besan Laddoo

Besan Laddoo

Shahi Tukda – Sinfully rich and mildly sweet, this dish is irresistible.

Mildly sweet golden fried bread served with thickened milk (rabri) or cream garnished with crunchy dry fruits- the description itself sounds delicious. This uncomplicated sweet called Shahi Tukda is a kind of Indian bread pudding that no child or adult can resist.

Shahi Tukda - a sweet made from bread

Chawal ki kheer– A Sweet to end all your meals with

One of the healthiest desert to make, chawal ki kheer or rice pudding can be made with minimal efforts whenever you have a bit of extra milk at home. . The slow cooked rice in milk makes the kheer creamy and the crunch of dry fruit adds a rich flavour.

Chawal ki Kheer - Rice Pudding

Chawal ki Kheer – Rice Pudding

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