Don’t refrigerate these food items.

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Don't refrigerate these food items. Potatoes, bread, tomatoes and honey - some things you should keep on countertop and not in the fridge.

We often end up piling up a lot of things in our refrigerators. When we don’t know where to put a certain kind of food, it ends up inside our fridges. But there are certain food items that loose their taste and texture when refrigerated or frozen. Here are a few such items.


Don't freeze Potatoes

Don’t freeze Potatoes

Low temperatures breakdown the starch in raw potatoes, so while you can refrigerate them for a short period, never ever freeze the raw or cooked potatoes because once the starches breakdown the process is irreversible and the taste of potatoes will be altered completely.


Don't refrigerate honey

Don’t refrigerate honey

Honey is naturally preserved, it does not need being stored in cold. But if you do freeze or refrigerate the honey, the sugars will crystallize and make the honey thick, almost doughy. While you can bring it back to room temperature and use it again (or microwave and use it), why refrigerate it at all.


Don't freeze tomatoes

Don’t freeze tomatoes

Freezing raw tomatoes is as bad as freezing raw potatoes. The texture of tomatoes will get compromised and they will be icy and mushy


Don't refrigerate bread

Don’t referigerate bread

Bread gets stale faster in the fridge.  It’s a misconception that it will remain fresh for a longer period of time in the fridge. The texture of bread also changes slightly on refrigeration.


Don't referidgerate uncut melons

Don’t referidgerate uncut melons

Unless you have cut and sliced them refrain storing Water Melons (or any melons) in the fridge.


Don't refrigerate Bananas

Don’t refrigerate Bananas

While low temperature will slow down the ripening of the bananas, your fridge will have a strong smell of bananas and the smell will permeate to other food items very fast. It’s always a good idea to store the bananas over the kitchen counter.

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