Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-08-30

  • Thanks Atul. RT @achitnis Recommended reading if you are undecided about something, or just need a clue about life: #
  • Life is all about taking f(s)hortcutf(s) – f(s)horcut ya fir chota f(s)horcut #
  • @fox2mike lovely looks of the new in reply to fox2mike #
  • ये एशो-तरब के मतवले, बेकार की बातें करते हैं। पायल के गमों का इल्म नहीं, झंकार की बातें करते हैं (शकील बदायुनी) #urdupoetry #
  • @tariquesani Yes :(( but I still love cats. #
  • @derherr choooo chweet. I love cats too 🙂 in reply to derherr #

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