One evening in the month of May

Sunset at Telenkhedi on 19th May 2009

On a hot day in the month of May this year standing by the lakeside trying to soothe myself with the slight breeze that blew over the cool, deep waters of the lake I wrote these lines:

Setting sun
resplendent in shades
of blue and yellow
so desperately beautiful.
Little does it convey
the darkness
that follows,
and engulfs the world.

4 thoughts on “One evening in the month of May”

  1. Such a nice picture. And a beautiful poem too.

    I have come to know from Nupur that you like poems a lot. I remember a poem i read when i was very young. I remember only the first few lines. I need the entire poem. I searched in the net but could not find. Can you please help.

    The poem is

    “One autumn morn
    I chanced to cross
    A field of corn
    And there it was….”

    1. Thanks for leaving the comment, Irfan. unfortunately I do not remember reading this poem ever and yes, it is not on the net at all. I am afraid won’t be able to help you here.

  2. mam your style is so awesome and i realy liked it today i read your poem first time and i felt so relaxed…

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