Entertainment Value Candidates!

“good morning mam -I want to talk to sanisoft”
“yes, tell me”
“I want to talk to sanisoft”
“I am CEO SANIsoft” “you can talk to me”
“I am a BE computer science engineer” “ I want work”
“do you know PHP”
“Ye, I am studying in PHP”
“What is PHP”
“its a program mam”
“Sorry,we dont have an opening for you”

At which point, I just kept the phone down!!!! May be, I should have called the candidate for an interview!

8 thoughts on “Entertainment Value Candidates!”

  1. Heh!

    Strike 1: Calling you ‘mam’.
    Strike 2: Thinking that Sanisoft is a person.
    Strike 3: Bad grammer.

    Strictly speaking, though, PHP is a program. /usr/bin/php4-cli is the command line interpreter which is a program.

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