Sad Sunday Samachar

I don’t know why taking Citizine makes me so sleepy!!! All doctors say its a drug that *does not* induce sleep. It must be me!!!

Winter is over and the heat is increasing every passing day, its fall -a season that comes loaded with allergens. I can almost feel the allergies coming. Hope the homeopathy I took will help keep them at bay.

This season also brings memories of studying for exams; sipping fresh orange juice; staying overnight at friends on pretext of studying and gossiping through the night. Unfortunately this year the one thing out of the thee listed is also not possible – the orange crop has been completely spoiled. At a place where the mondhas (heaps) of orange on the road side were common place, with vendors selling them for Rs5/- a dozen- and good ones at that, I bought Nagpur mandarin oranges (dehydrated looking) for Rs.40/- a dozen. Sad state of affairs!!

As if that was not enough, the newspaper bought another distressing news as well – 18 tigers in Ranthambore are missing -that makes the missing tigers count to 36!! 18 tigers were reported missing from Sariska earlier this month. I hope the tiger census at other places around the country does not bring similar news. Something seriously needs to be done about this magnificent animal!!

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