Kalidas Festival – Amjad Ali Khan and his two sons

How often does one get a chance to listen to Sarod Mastero Ustad Amjad Ali Khan playing “vaishnav Jan” and “Raghupati Raghav” on Sarod – once and if very lucky more than once in a life time.

Ustad Amjad Ali Khan’s two sons, the good looking Aman and handsome Ayan came on stage first and played Rag puria Kalyan and were given accompaniment by two tabla players.

Ustadji came next and elevated the level of performance to a different height by explaining how different and difficult it is to play “meend” on sarod -unlike instruments like sitar, sarod does not have parda. “ agar aapne galti ki to aap beparda ho jaate hain”

The two tabla players Sandip Das from Banares Gharana and Satyajit Talwalkar from Farrukhabad gharana added colour to the performance by their jugalbandi and the competition between the gharana’s was very evident.

Experimentation is must fro every learner, said Ustad Amjad Ali khan while giving the last solo performance of the evening, ever performer has to keep thinking about newer ideas so does he. The Mastero presented his own composition set in Maru Bihag originally set in 25 matras. Paucity of time made him play in 12.5 matra’s making it enthralling for the audience and challenging for the two young tabla players and both of them excelled making everyone present ecstatic.

His two sons joined him for the last performance of the evening to play Mishra Kirwani and a medly of dhuns set in Mishra kirwani itself making the picture absolutely perfect for everyone present. It was a concert that was not only a delight for the ears of connoisseurs but also for the eyes

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