Thai Basil fried rice

Another lovely recipe from Madhu of Shiok.

I never knew Basil adds such heavenly flavor to the dish. , if you are reading this head over to and you will make your son very happy 🙂

Certain things that I added to the basic recipe carrots, french beans and peas (yes fresh green peas 🙂 I also added thinly cut crisp fried salami along with tiny prawns (could not get fresh so used frozen again – fried them in butter for 10 seconds and dabbed on tissue to drain excess water before adding them to the wok just before adding rice)

Earlier my fried rice was never made without dark soy sauce and MSG – no wonder it tasted the same no matter how different the ingredients were -this time i neither used MSG nor dark soy sauce and the results were pleasing to say the least.

Fried rice is another quick one that really sets the Sunday mood rolling at Sani household

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      1. I have a spastic colon 😀 and I’m trying to find causes that make it that way .So the most obvious would be things like spicy food , dairy prodcuts,caffeine and alcolhol.

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