Stretch.. streeetccch…stretcccccchhhhh…..before excersising

Two inches above heel, I had been feeling a burning sensation since past four-five days.. it was slowly increasing as I wore a particular slipper and remained on my feet for long…

Discovered that I perhaps injured myself while exercising in gym. Improper warm up on one of the days resulted into Achilles Tendinitis -inflammation of the Achilles tendon (it connects the calf muscles to the heel bone)

So, my exercise regime has gone for a six – no activity till inflammation subsides. I am hoping to start on Monday with weight training and I guess its also time to go swimming.

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  1. You are lucky it’s not any worse… I had some “pitting and redness”(???) and was out for more than a week with an extra-heavy dose of anti-biotics and what not(was very close to getting operated upon) and ofcourse complete bed rest(which is a pain when you are living alone… thank god for friends who dropped in everyday with food packets!)

    1. How long did it take for complete healing? Was it extremely painful?

      I have been reading and have found out that Achilles Tendinitis takes very long to heal completely :((

  2. Take Care

    Pl do not neglect this.Always make sure when ur using a fashion its for few moments.Never wear heeled sneakers for long hours.It will for atleast give a crack on ur heel bone as u grow old.Best is u wear flat sneakers which will keep ur feet kool and flat.Maybe in times of partying or any function wear heeled sneakers and even then make sure u remove ur heeled sneakers regularly or rest ur feet every now an then.
    Your friend

      1. Re: Take Care

        Hello Swathi,
        No we havent met.I just registered myself in LJ so i was checking the comments ad i replied to u.So howru doing now.
        Thanks and Take care

        1. Re: Take Care

          Youngster, I would advice you to atleast have basic ettiquets – if you havent even met me and dont know me such a personal comment is not warranted.

          Another thing, while writing somebody’s name take care you spell it properly.

          1. Re: Take Care

            Sorry Swati,
            I didnt write to u as a personal comment rather as a humanitarian sense i wrote to u.But tis upto you u take it as a friends comment..
            Again sorry i had mean to u badly
            Take care

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