Sisyphus Shrugged

You are free and responsible for your own destiny. Trust in God and you are doomed, I have never found him when I needed him the most.

Sisyphus pushed the rock up hill everytime, only to find it tumbling back to its original place. The night had no end and he just had one task, to keep it pushing up till it came tumbling down, crushing him, only to push it up all over again.

I once tried to push an obstructive rock down the hill only to find that the rock takes me down with itself, so much for all that work. It would have been better if I just went past the rock, change the course and have the wonderful view again.

Not that I won’t find my burdens again. They will spring up at unexpected places, in absurd ways at un-wanting times Happiness and absurdness indeed go hand in hand. The struggle to remain happy in itself is so absurd, the moment you stop struggling, happiness follows you. The moment you stop desiring, all your desires get fulfilled, but does one really want that?

Men and women struggle and desire not for the end result, but for the road it takes to reach the goal. The moment the goal is achieved, its futile.

This universe without its creator seems so impossibly sterile to the them, that they wont even think of alternate ways. They keep on carrying the burden uphill and downhill, every time getting squashed by the rock in the process and still refusing to look beyond the rock.

Think for yourself Sisyphus, and you will find an alternate world without the rock, without the burden and without the absurdity of state of mind.

6 thoughts on “Sisyphus Shrugged”

  1. what a gem!

    I am sure the Sisyphus will do alright ‘coz it has ‘you’ reminding it to look beyond rock and appreciate the view everytime it comes across a rock.

  2. Nice font. Good to see…you are posting…albeit not as frequent. Something is better than nothing.

    P.S: Everybody here has the same fscking tone on ther mobile phones. Keeps ringing in my ears all the time. Had to write it down somewhere 😀

  3. a poignant piece

    Maybe it is my present situation, but your post makes a lot of sense to me. I say so because I am not very good with philosophy in general. Nevertheless, this is a beautifully written piece. I think you made up for the lack of posts in the past month by this one.

    1. Re: a poignant piece

      It is only after the clouds have passed, that one really gets to see the magnificent view of dwan. I am not good with philosophy either, I just write. And I have started writing for my own self after a gap of nearly 10 years though not all I write is for everyone to see.

  4. an alternate world without the rock, without the burden

    I guess every world has its own share of rocks… sometimes the presence of these rocks or stones are a positive sign that you’re feet are still firmly on the ground.

    In a way, I believe *the rock* is only a matter of perception! Sometimes, when you spend too much time with the rock, mull over it from different angles, you may realise its afterall a big crude shape waiting to be sculpted into something beautiful! And that beauty is what only you can lend to the it. I’ve learnt to accept rocks as a way of unleashing my unknown strenghts… and amazingly, it seems to work at times! 🙂

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