12 thoughts on “I dont see any hope….”

      1. Thank God for google!!!

        Ok. I googled and so I know. Couldn’t wait. 😛 Nice ode that! Piece d’art!

        Shake those blues and keep the faith. The night is the darkest when dawn is just round the corner! Hope to catch you online, we need to talk. 😉

    1. How I would love to be in Australia right now, its such a beautiful place … away from all worries and stress, but i have a business to run and i cant run away from it 🙁

      Tempreature here : 41 deg C

  1. Life is a wishbone and the trick is in replacing one wish by another.
    But seriously, Asim’s mom and depressed? Naah…
    Hope you are feeling better today. Smile please. 🙂

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