My new userpic

This is how Aasim sees his mother 🙂

He likes to take photograph of people – he potrays them in his composition as he finds them. For him mom is always zoomed in 😉 She is not fat and she is happy.
He has recently taken two of Tarique’s best snaps. One of them is this one
Nana (his grandpa, my dad) always zoomed out, Nani (his grandma, my mom) zoomed in.

9 thoughts on “My new userpic”

  1. Cute

    Boy! isn’t he good at his age???I can see the lil boy is very busy with his new gizmo! Is the computer all forgotten? 😛

    I also like the way your pictures are so expressive… You look different in each one, depending on how the photographer perceives you. You are truly photogenic!

    1. Re: Cute

      Yes, Aasim is good with gizmos. And I wonder if he’s ever “forget” Computer and Cartoons.

      Thanks for the compliment – I have noticed over the years that only people who know me can make me look good in photographs 🙂

  2. You have a talented little boy for a son 🙂 As it is the world is beautiful through children’s eyes, the pictures they take have to have a happy outlook. Hope to see more of his work.

  3. isn’t this so weird… i was totally bored and thought.. gosh this sounds stupid to me even.. would search for my name and so here i am…..reading ur entries without a clue as to who u r except for the single thread of our shared names..saw poetry splashed all over ur pages… i love it too.. don’t noe if uv read keith douglas! try him…esp “simplify me when im dead” ur response!

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