“When we lose ourselves in Benevolence, we find ourselves in Abundance”

Quotes from a Health site
stumbled upon this one on searching for nutritional information on Mangoes (I love mangoes)

“You never Supplement a bad diet, you Correct a bad diet.”

“You can only do good when you feel good.”

“You don’t Pay the price for Health, you Enjoy the benefits!”

“Growing old doesn’t make us sick, it’s growing sick that makes us old!”

“It’s not how old you are that counts, but how old you’re going to get that really counts!”

4 thoughts on ““When we lose ourselves in Benevolence, we find ourselves in Abundance””

  1. mango baby

    Touché. Those are v. sensible & meangingful quotes!

    I need to go home next month for my share of Ratnagiri Alphonsoes!!! Considering its a once-a-year-2 month-long phenomenon, I’m not gonna miss them! 🙂

    1. Re: mango baby

      Alphonso mangoooooooes … !!

      * my mouth just doesn’t stop watering*

      As a true-blue Bombayite… I die for Alphonsos. The rest just seem cheap imitations !
      (this is not a flame invitation… just a fact that anybody from Maharashtra will agree with and nobody else in the country will!! Even my mom doest agree.) 😉

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