Bahut Kathin hai dagar panghat ki – kaise mai bhar laun madva se matki (Amir Khusro)

Everytime I hear sufi music sung, it has a soothing affect on me. The simple yet truthful poetry about love touches me immensely.

Am listening to Rashid Khan singing Amir Khusro and Raaz Barelvi in Naina Piya Se right now and all my stress seems to have vanished 🙂

Naina more tuk raah takat hai
aiho aiho kab tum baalam

birha ki ratiyan kaise katen ab
garwa lagio kab tum baalam

preet mein tori yeah rat bhai hai
sudh budh birsri dekho murari

aas mori ab tum he se laagi
poori kariho kab tum baalam

8 thoughts on “Bahut Kathin hai dagar panghat ki – kaise mai bhar laun madva se matki (Amir Khusro)”

        1. Actually I was hoping to transcript and translate it for you as well but it proved to be more difficult than I presumed. On the face of it it is just romantic poetry but the fact is that the loved one / beloved that the poet is talking about is in fact God. The whole thing gets too complex for my inadequate words at this point…

  1. sufi music

    I was simply searching for a recording of the song Bahut Kathin hai dagar panghat ki but it was not on Rashid Khan’s album. Do you have any idea where I could get it? Any help is much appreciated. Thank you


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