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  1. Oh wow, I was just singing that when my friends page reloaded and I saw your entry!

    That, and ‘Kabhi shaam dhale’ are the two songs in my head right now.

    1. I love this song 🙂 the reason for posting it today morn was I have been waiting for some response to a couple of business mails i sent out yesterday night…. The WARS and SARS has really messed up everything specially for people like us who depend on overseas projects for our company’s survival.

      In another news, you might be interested in knowing, Aaj Tak just reported 10 cases of (suspected) SARS in Madhya Pradesh (Bhopal).. Now thats pretty close to us and frightening. We also saw on Aaj Tak cameras that the airports in india are not taking any precautions or medical checkups for incoming passengers – even those from far east… Thats my India – I love my India :-O

      Apologies for the Rant, but i am like this when …. actually whenever…. and for once its not PMS.

      1. 🙂 If you think that’s a rant, check out my friends list sometimes. Also my own.

        Sigh. As for the spread, it’s to be expected. Now let’s hope it can be contained.

  2. I wish you would make me a list of some artists and songs you like so I could download some, Ian and I love listening to the music of india but besides ar rahman we don’t know what else to look for and he was very hard to find on CD in the states. It could be a small one 😉 please, maybe some popular and some old traditional

    1. Will do so in a separate post for you 🙂
      The song i wrote in the morning translates to –

      Come now, come now,
      O morning come now,
      say good bye to the night,
      my love, please come now

      Its much more poetic in hindi than i can translate and very musical.

  3. Nice userpic.. for some reason I associate old black and white photos with hot summers of nagpur when i was young.. I got all nostalgic now.. thank you ji..

    1. Thanks 🙂

      Nagpur summers are still just as hot (42 deg cel outside tempreature as of now) – Time to sleep in deserts coolers, Have ganne ka ras, Dinshaws ki icecream and thanda thanda nimbu pani.

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