What is this world coming to?

enlightened me on this Powell to take up Indo-Pak issue after Iraq
Fears of my son and coming true?
Somehow I feel we as a country are bigger and can hold US and its allies from doing this to us – we have also learnt our lessons from history, but bombs are not the only weapons of war. India has to be very careful. How much our politicians understand it is anybody’s guess.

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  1. this Powell to take up Indo-Pak issue after Iraq

    If the US thinks they are the super cops of the world and try to police us, they have another think coming. The world – and I mean other countries than US and UK, because US thinks the world means the US – has had enough of the ‘only superpower’, ‘responsible government’ and ‘innocent american lives’ blah blah that Dubyaman spews. And we are capable of kicking some US asses all by ourselves anyway. And this is not gas. With the strength of a billion manpower plus another half or so around the world we are not to be messed with.

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