I am touched

Spaced Out

It is here
Life’s end and the begining of a journey which can never be told.
I am scared, not terrified
I am sad, not sorrowful
I will face it.
I will die knowing that there will be those to come and those to go.
I will die in hope
I will die in courage.
I will die knowing I have made my mark.

-Geetanjali Chitnis

I read this poem over and over again

Kids really grow fast… Met Anjali three years back- always treated her like a kid…
Feels good to read such mature thoughts from her. I am happy for you, Atul and Subha.

2 thoughts on “I am touched”

  1. yup!

    Am not surprised. I’ve seen anjali from the time I shifted to bangalore in Jan 2001. She’s always been a smart kid, learns very fast and has that rare wealth in terms of what her parents are. And as the fact stays, girls do mature at a younger age.

    She’ll come out with flying colors.

    I wish shubha too was on LJ. It would have been fun. 🙂

  2. This poem is the next best thing to Sinatra’s My Way.

    Must have been the schooling 🙂 When I passed out of Aditi, I think Gitanjali was in std. I.

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