6 thoughts on “2003”

  1. Don’t base your entire year on one day’s behaviour of one person… …

    Trust me I am working to prove your fears wrong. Sorry if I have not really had time for you since morning

    1. I trust you sweetheart, but its not because of your not having time for me. Its something I felt the moment I opened my eyes… I can dismiss it as PMS but then, I had to put it down to see if this is just PMS or one of those early morning dreams that were not mere dreams

  2. Interesting Discussion. You could always discuss this face-to-face or you need to discuss this online or what ? sheesh….! One of the many (ab)users of technology. Hmmm…In any case, Happy New Year Guys….

    Happy New Year to Aasim also. I am sure he must be enjoying a lot.

    1. One of the many (ab)users of technology

      I remember this incident in Goa when I went to visit Jace at Synapse
      He was trying to concentrate on some issue and i was enquiring him about something.Jace replied “silence”

      We were sitting on adjacent nodes.After a while I pinged him on IM,and he replied.From then on we were mostly talking on IM.After a while Navin Boricha noticed our strange behaviour and said “Can’t you guys just talk?”

      I guess some things are better discussed online. 😉

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