14 thoughts on “Coffee or Me?”

  1. Swati Swati Swati. UR behaving like a timid housewife. Straighten that spine, girl, and next time he says “coffee coffee coffee” tell him to make some for you too.
    Viva Women’s Lib.

    Staunch Women’s Libber.

    1. oh, dont worry about me behaving like a “timid housewife” – i dont tell him to make small things like coffee… there are times when dinner is to be made ready, kababs to be barbecued, vaccuming to be done.. you know what I mean

  2. OH Boy!
    Men are so sensitive when you take a dig at them. Darling you can heckle me all you like. But I refuse to identify myself unless you learn to be polite. So there!
    P.S. I hope Aasim has Swati as a role model. Ouch! I bet that hurt. Hee! Hee!

    Anon Coward (with pride)

    1. LOL! You are not only a coward but also presumptous and vain… …

      What makes you think that I would want to know who you are? I already have spelt out enough definitions for you…

      BTW If I am not polite what does that make you?

      1. It makes me sympathise with Swati, thats what it does.

        Sorry to upset you so, T-boy. Loosen up your collar and breathe deeply.

        Oh Yes, I do know love but you are right. I will never understand men.


        1. tut tut!!

          What do we have here? – you backing down or you feeling bitter at the taste of your own medicine?

          Well atleast you are honest enough not to lie and claim that like every other woman you have men all figured out…

          Anyway sorry to see you go – I was just about begining to have fun 🙂

          1. You missing me already?

            My good manners prompted me to say bye, Darling. Didnt like you turning Swati’s lifejournal into your personal battleground. (Did I score or what?)

            Oh alright! I always did like a good argument. Good manners be damned.

            Btw, its because I dont understand men that I am in love – I got lucky and hooked in the best. So I am not into male bashing – quite the contrary. Its just your attitude that rubs me the wrong way.

            1. Huh…

              LJ mine, Swati’s or anyone’s is a very valid battleground personal OR otherwise – ever heard of flamewars?

              They are great for weekend relaxation 😉

              BTW, Dear, what way would you like me to rub you? < g,d&r >

              P.S. This is my last post in the thread unless of course you want to pick it up next weekend or some other time IRL

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