“It is not enough to be busy … The question is: What are we busy about?” Henry David Thoreau

Its not that I couldnt have taken out even five minutes to update on whats happening in my life, its just that i did not feel like. Being busy was a good excuse.
A lot happened during past couple of weeks but it wasnt anything out of ordinary. Not that I have anything specific to write today, its just that i have the inclination to write.
When I was 16 I would keep filling pages of my diary with any thought that came to my mind, i was an introvert and the most easy way to express myself was to write. I wrote best of my poetry at that time – as i finished college and became a “mass communication” professional – I started talking more, the need for writing to express lessened. I had willing ears to listen to me, I wrote less and less..
Today I feel i have gone back to being that 16 year old and am just writing whatever is coming to my mind – i love it this way – writing not for anybody to read -writing for myself.

I will not utter a word
still you understand
My eyes speak
and you reciprocate
Silence resonates
its the language of caring and
sharing the bond of love
Silence is not a barrier
we walk this bridge

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