After several years again got in touch with two of my hostel friends a few days back. Nandini was pretty mad at me for not keeping her informed about my new phone nos.. but then, i did not have hers as well… not my fault entirely. Roopa has shifted to Shanghai Wonder where Joba is. She was never the letter writing kinds so I just hope whereever she is she is in great shape and enjoying herself. Here’s how the conversation about her goes whenever we talk about her

swati: Joba is in the US. Mandavi last I knew was in hyderabad
Roopa: where in the u.s. i’m going there in december
swati: wait a sec.. let me see old emails
swati: 🙁 her last mail to me dated 20th february 2001 does not say where she is
swati: she has a daughter called Nina
Roopa: too bad then
Roopa: all right, joba had sex!! yay, whee!!

Ah! hope we all meet up with Joba somewhere – it’ll be great fun to reminescence the hostel days and pull her leg 😉

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  1. hey! dont listen to her folks. She’s stealing all my credit. I got in touch with her. and put her in touch with Roopa. Despite her being careless enough to lose my numbers.

  2. Been wonderful to chat with you after such a long gap. I remember us walking in the rain at chowpatty. Then ofcourse the image gets overlapped by one of — us walking with our kids in raincoats,our arms laden with waterbottles and umbrellas. Try as I might, I cant seem to get rid of the umbrella from the image. I have become a very practical mom. Sighh!

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