Why Me???

X on my machine just did not start today… Saturday it worked fine today morning Veena started the machine in windows and when I rebooted and did a StartX It just did not start.

Somebody please help.. .. If no one can.. then I go back to using Windoze.. and all geeks reading this will be held responsible.

NO! I did not do anything to the config files.. All I did on Saturday was install Yahoo messanger – link to the RPM given by Atul

Driver provided FillMono8x8PatternRects replacement
Setting up tile and stipple cache:
32 128×128 slots
14 256×256 slots
(==) MGA(0): Backing store disabled
(==) MGA(0): Silken mouse enabled
(**) MGA(0): DPMS enabled
(II) MGA(0): Using overlay video
(II) MGA(0): X context handle = 0x00000001
(II) MGA(0): [drm] installed DRM signal handler
(II) MGA(0): [DRI] installation complete
(II) MGA(0): [drm] Mapped 128 DMA buffers
(==) MGA(0): Direct rendering enabled
(**) Mouse0: Protocol: “Microsoft”
(**) Mouse0: Core Pointer
(==) Mouse0: Buttons: 3
(**) Mouse0: Emulate3Buttons, Emulate3Timeout: 50
(**) Mouse0: ZAxisMapping: buttons 4 and 5
(**) Mouse0: BaudRate: 1200
(II) Keyboard “Keyboard0” handled by legacy driver
(II) XINPUT: Adding extended input device “Mouse0” (type: MOUSE)
(II) MGA(0): [drm] removed 1 reserved context for kernel
(II) MGA(0): [drm] unmapping 4096 bytes of SAREA 0xc896f000 at 0x4002b000

20 thoughts on “Why Me???”

  1. Bad things happen to stingy people

    Bad things happen to stingy people who cannot spare $25 for my LJ memebership !!

    Anyway – love have fixed the problem – it was references to Yahoo Messenger in .xinitrc that was the culprit – guess you should file a bug report

          1. Re: Bad things happen to stingy people

            Hmmm… … do you guys realise you have set me back by atleast 3 months – that is the time it will take me to cajole her to start using Linux as her regular desktop rather than a hobby horse.

  2. Re: Bad things happen to stingy people

    nopes. that’s mmk. Will bug him tonight with this and send him this url. So post up the offending .xinitrc and how it came to be on this page.

    All I’ve been doing is stress-testing the YM builds for some time now [ along with kallu 😉 ]. Never bothered to check the public beta or the rpm. Me in tgz-land.


    1. Re: Bad things happen to stingy people

      hey! I just deleted that .xinitrc it had 4 lines all stating
      /usr/local/bin/ymessenger & # Yahoo! Messenger

      Somebody got the bright idea to do something I hate about Windoze – autostart things which I dont want!!!!

      Thankfully it is easy to remove 😉

  3. Re: Bad things happen to stingy people

    I dont even know how to code to make errors 😉
    Anyways I guess you remember madhu kurup. Yep he is the guy who is responsible.

      1. I don’t know about ari-yahoo, but you could get jabber to work easilly. Since the jabber requests go off the server to the yahoo server, you’d need a jabber server hosted outside India. You’ll probably need to bug someone you know outside India to run a jabber server you can connect to.


        1. Yahoo troubles

          Currently no other Yahoo Client other than what is provided by Yahoo works in India 🙁
          We do have Jabber BUT is used only for the intranet

          The problem for me begins when I expect Linux desktop to work better than my windows desktop.

          1. Re: Yahoo troubles

            What exactly do you want out of your Linux desktop? Or, a simpler question: What do you have on your Windows desktop, that you do not, on your Linux box? Note that linux is not the solution for everyone/everything. I’m not discouraging you, but all I’m saying is its not a magic potion being the solution to all and sundry.

        2. Ah yes, Mark of Symonds Network Services comes to mind. I’m already discussing with him, and his only worry is about the bandwidth it might eat up. How much would a jabber server eat into? Any idea? I wrote to Peter St.Andre, and he said, “not much”, which wasn’t very helpful …

      2. Ick, it slipped my mind that Y! was upto tom-foolery. ari-yahoo worked just fine, the last time I used it, though you’re right. It probably does not, anymore ;/

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