Reminiscing the summer we got married.

Hectic day!!!

Tarique unwell, all the mess the painters make has to be cleaned up in the evening and the office work cant be ignored – so i end up with no time to cook..

Friends at bangalore call 92 F hot.. In Nagpur summers are just begining and its already 106 F – the month of may touches 118 F you can actually fry an egg on the pavement

The year we got married – 1994- was specifically bad.. it was 11th of May – got married at 11:45 AM in the court.. from there to home for Lunch and I came to this household at 2 PM.. no wonder our marriage still holds the heat …. He He He..

After we got married, Tarique use to come back post lunch.. .bunking his office at the Govt. medical College.. we just couldnt stay away form each other. Abbaji would get pretty ragged.

Woh bhi kya din the!!! This 11th of May it will be eight years to our marriage!

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