Why Should You Soak Nuts and seeds

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Soak Nuts and Seeds

Moms and grannies always tell us to soak nuts and seeds before eating. They say it’s good for health and there is a valid explanation to supplement their beliefs. Soaked seeds help digestion and help in nuts and seed allergies. There are several more well explained reasons. Read on:

Soaking deactivates the Phytic acid in the nuts and seeds.

A huge defense mechanism in nuts and seeds is the Phytic acid present in them but it is this phytic acid which is difficult to digest for some. It prevents the digestive systems ability to break the nuts or seeds down properly resulting into digestive issues. Read more about Phytic acid on Wikipedia

Soaking reduces Goitrogens

Goitrogens are suppressors of thyroid function and interfere with iodine uptake. Soaking nuts and seeds reduces Goitrogens and increases the necessary minerals needed for a healthy thyroid. Read more about Goitrogens on Wikipedia

Soaking encourages the production of enzymes

When you soak the nuts with salt and warm water it helps activate the enzyme that neutralize the enzyme inhibitors. This helps in better digestion and absorption of nutrients.

Soaking increases vitamin absorption

We all know that nuts are rich in vitamins. Soaking them sets the vitamins and minerals free to be easily absorbed by the body.

Soaking improves the flavour and texture

When you eat something it’s flavour and texture is very important. Soaking even for as little as 30 minutes increases the flavour and texture of nuts like Almonds, walnuts and pecans.

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Soak your seeds and nuts

Soak your seeds and nuts

Note: Always discard the soaked water and don’t use it in any recipe.

Some recipes that use soaked nuts and seeds

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