Kitten Diaries Day 7

Kitten Diaries Part -2 Mishti, Missy and Wookie

Kittens around the house keep you busy. The mother needs to be fed, the kittens need to be weighed and you just can’t keep yourself from clicking pictures. It was Day 4 and all the kittens wanted to do was sleep.

Kitten Diaries Day 4
Kitten Diaries Day 4. All they do is sleep.

The kittens sleep most of the time and are extremely dependent on their mother to protect, feed, clean and help them excrete waste. They do start being vocal though. The mother tries to keep their mews to a minimum so that they do not attract attention.

Kitten Diaries Day 5
Kitten Diaries Day 5 With the mother

By Day 6 I could see that their ears had started unfolding and the eye slits were a bit wider. They had started wiggling around a bit more than what they use to and I had to put them deeper inside their box a couple of times.

We weighed them and their weight had increased considerably. This was also the day I found out their sexes and named them Missi, Mishty and Wookie. The two dark ones are girls and ginger is a boy.

Black (Mishti) weighed 225 gm
Grey (Missy) weighed 192 gm
Ginger (Wookie) weighed 211 gm

Kitten Diaries Day 6
Kitten Diaries Day 6 The ears have started to unfold

Day 7 The three of them crawled out of the box early morning and that alarmed us. The eye slits were a little more open and the kittens were more vocal. They recognized my hand and became quiet on touching. By afternoon the mother decided that the box was too small for the kittens and not a very safe place and she moved them to our outhouse and has kept them under a huge rack. They are currently not visible to me and I can’t reach them. Next updates will be when they come out of their hiding place which I expect should be within a couple of weeks.

Kitten Diaries Day 7
Kitten Diaries Day 7 Missi, Mishty and Wookie

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